July 1, 2011
star video

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July 8, 2011

Kyra Gracie

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July 18, 2011


Nip Tuck | 4x03 

(Source: poisonparadise-has-moved)

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July 20, 2011
Catfight Video List


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July 23, 2011

Nice Titfight by greatcatfights8050


July 23, 2011

Gay Men Undressing Rubbing Their Hard Tight Sexy... by dirty4playtime

Gay Men Undressing Rubbing Their Hard Tight Sexy Bodies

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July 28, 2011


And now… it’s underwater boxing

From 1939, here’s a film of an underwater boxing match in Wembley Empire Pool in London. Because I guess there wasn’t much else to do in the late 30s until Hitler went and invaded Poland.


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July 29, 2011


Starcraft, Korean version !


via Marcianos

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August 1, 2011

Why Must We Eat The Animals?

(Oh Why Oh Why?)

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